Tuesday, February 06, 2007

One More Time

Molls and I are off to The Parish to see Evan Dando. I know, it will be us and every other thirty something girl who had a crush on him when he was the lead singer for the Lemonheads. It was a tough choice tonight because I already saw the Lemonheads once, back in the nineties when I was a student at UGA and Dave Eggers is reading from his new book, What Is The What at NOCCA at the same time. I have seen Dave Eggers before and it was magical. Christian jokes that he is my boyfriend because I was finishing his sentences when he spoke to a small crowd at Beaucoup Books. Jen and I almost had drinks with him afterwards at St. Joe's but something happened and for some reason we didn't...I don't remember why. Molly has always liked Evan Dando, ever since she was 13 and first heard the Lemonheads and she has never seen them and she just had a 15 pound tumor and her entire uterus and both ovaries removed so, being the loving sister that I am, I let her pick. And, so it goes.

Here's La Luz with her shades on earlier tonight. We moved a bunch of her toys upstairs over the weekend and I think that she believes they are all new simply because they are in a new location. It is quite nice.

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Toita said...

Hey!! hahaha! That pic is soo cute!!! I am ready to see some of La Luz in Mardi Gras colors now!!! Enjoy it..and I guess I`ll see you soon my friend!!! yeeeaaahhh!!