Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Valentine

Here's La Luz, first thing in the morning...

and then a few minutes later when the chaos ensues and she insists on contorting herself so that she can fit properly in the baby doll bed her Aunt Susan gave her for Christmas. I am just waiting for it to break while she is sitting on it one day. She will be shocked because she just barely grasps that it is not actually a bed for humans.

Tomorrow Nana and Papa-T arrive, Christian rides, and my favorite parade of the season, Muses, rolls. Mardi Gras madness has officially infiltrated the Vaicius household and if La Luz asks me one more time to take her to a parade I think I might defenestrate.

1 comment:

TOITA said...

Well, of course she WILL ask one thousand more times..After all she has her father`s genes!! remember ? your husband, the #1 Mardi Gras fan?? hahahaha!
Have fun my friend..enjoy and grab some beeds for me!!!!!
Lov u


PS. those pics are top ranked!!