Thursday, February 01, 2007

Brown Eyes

Christian dropped off La Luz at my office around 5 today so that he could make it to a meeting and then volleyball practice. I guess I convinced myself that I could get some work done for an hour or so while La Luz colored or sat quietly in a chair reading a book. For a second I suppose I forgot she was a toddler, and a chatty one at that. She was on her best behavior and was excited to see all of the people in the office and all of the interesting things in my office, particularly the highlighters. Unfortunately, after about five minutes she needed a diaper change and Christian forgot to pack an extra one in her bag. Consequently, I spent the next twenty-five minutes answering a bunch of her questions and grabbing choking hazards out her hands as I tried to hold my breath and come up with a plan to get her in an elevator at rush hour and travel 40 floors without offending the other respectable business people in the building. All of this was happening as I attempted to edit a letter and respond to email. Needless to say I decided that the best solution was to head home and just apologize profusely to those less fortunate who happened to be trapped in the elevator with us.

Interestingly, the prevailing sentiment around the office is that La Luz is a miniature Christian, and I definitely see it too. But look at those is unmistakable that she is my baby, right?

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