Sunday, February 25, 2007

Just The Girls, and Loki

We worked on facial expressions this weekend and La Luz mastered the, "woman, have you completely lost your mind?" look.

La Luz and I were left to our own devices this weekend as Christian had to travel to Shreveport for a volleyball tournament. The weather was perfect and provided a great opportunity for me to open the doors and windows and let the house air out. I am such a germaphobe and, though I had improved substantially, as a result of the last stomach bug, I have completely regressed and am worse than ever. There is Purell in every room in the house and Lysol disinfecting wipes are now conveniently located in every bathroom and the kitchen. Frankly, I would like to replace all of the shower gel and handsoaps with bleach but I think Christian would leave me.

On Saturday night I watched The Devil Wears Prada since I figured Christian would not mind missing it. I was not expecting much and was pleasantly suprised. It was incredibly entertaining and actually made me think about fashion in a way I never would have had I not seen the movie. Now I know that the kelly-green t-shirt I had on yesterday was not an accident.

The weather was perfect today. La Luz, Loki, and I ran to Washington and Prytania this morning where we watched the first runner in the Mardi Gras Marathon head to the park. It was inspiring. He was not winded, perfectly comfortable, and easily a mile ahead of his nearest competitor. On the way back to the house we stopped at the turn at Napoleon and Camp and watched more of the runners with one of La Luz's friends, Tierney. Oddly enough the girls were totally entertained watching the runners and were clapping and shouting as the runners rounded the bend. It was strange to see how the run was so easy for some and such a labor for others. It is so much more than mere training - that part makes the run possible - it has to do with how your body is wired. I ran the 1/2 marathon a few years ago and am starting to get the itch to do either that or the full one next year.

We spent the rest of the day outside - Loki sunning himself and La Luz busying herself with who knows what. We also went to the park to slide and swing a few times and even made it down to Fuel for a cup of coffee this afternoon. That's about all we managed to accomplish this weekend, that and piles of laundry.

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