Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Season Of Penitence Begins

It has been a crazy couple of days and I haven't had any time to post lately. After a weekend of some serious parade-going and fun we got sick on Monday night and were pretty much useless on Tuesday. The worst part about feeling lousy was not missing Mardi Gras day but missing my trip to NYC with Molls. I had planned to go with her to NYC on Tuesday to spend a few days there and help her get settled in. I felt so lousy on Monday night that we had to cancel the flight. Oh well, the upside of that is I can use the ticket to fly to NYC for a longer trip sometime this spring. I just hate not being there right now and I miss her so much. When she left my house on Monday night we assumed we would be seeing each other Tuesday morning for the flight.

I got my ashes this afternoon and decided that I should give up something that actually takes some effort this year. I think this year it will be wine. Last year it was sugar, I think, and I got around that by eating every sweet tasting thing that was made with artificial sweetener - too easy. The year before that, I vowed to not curse. That didn't last very long. I think it will be challenging to give up wine, not because I can't live without it, but because it is something that I enjoy and really look forward to, especially after a long day of work. It will be good to find another outlet to de-stress.

I have a bunch of great pictures from the past few days and will hopefully get them on flickr eventually. In the meantime, here are a few:

Me and Molls, on the way to Proteus/Orpheus.

La Luz, kissing her doggie.

Mardi Gras reveler...the closest thing we could get to a festive outfit since she refused to wear her dragon costume.

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NolaMom said...

The best of luck on your Lenten sacrifice! I have tried giving up wine several years. The first year I tried giving it up. The second year I realized I shouldn't set myself up for failure so I gave it up during the week. The third year I tried once again and gave it up on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. This year I will try something else.