Thursday, February 08, 2007

Where Does She Learn These Things

I got home from work kind of late this evening and didn't have a chance to spend much time with La Luz. From what I hear she had a nice afternoon playing at mom-mom's and then riding in the wagon (which Christian finally fixed after I incorrectly put it together on Christmas Eve).

The little time I had with her revealed that the most recent trick she has picked up recently is sucking her teeth. I think it is a disgusting habit and it really grosses me out. I have no idea where she learned it but she thinks it is hilarious and likes it even more when I get mad and tell her to cut it out. This one ranks right up there with smacking, which I think mom-mom taught her to do when she was about 6 months old, much to Richmond's chagrin.

While I am on the subject of 'things my kid does', I might as well mention some of the more impressive things. She can get through the alphabet (though she meanders a bit at times), she can count from 1 to 20 (the meandering applies to this task as well), she can recite most of Tumble Bumble (which makes sense considering I have read it to her every night of her life), repeat any word, knows what happens next in most of her favorite books and dvds, and (finally, and most importantly) can sit on my lap hugging and kissing me for up to five minutes at a time. The baby who fought my affection now begs me to pick her up, rock her, carry her, hold her...don't think I don't stop what I am doing immediately and oblige, because to me it just doesn't get any better than that.


TOITA said...

hahahaha! She is just amazing!!! I can`t wait to spend some time with her and teach her a little "argentine tricks"! hahaha!
I am sending you some pics of Sofi`s baby "Manuel"....
Love and miss you all!


NOLAcathie said...

All I can say is that it wasn't me!
Guilty as charged about the smacking, and I'll admit it amuses me no end that she sucks her teeth so perfectly, but I can swear that THAT I didn't teach her.

Betsy Rinehart said...

Interestingly enough, Edward at 7 months-old is a champion tooth-sucker. Of course, he only has 2 real ones and 2 more popping through, but he's really good at it! How about a contest when we're home? Just make sure La Luz doesn't drop the habit in the next week!!!