Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'll Have 1 Oversized Tiger, Please

Nana and Papa-T had a smooth flight into New Orleans earlier today and arrived in time to catch the parades. La Luz had the best seat in the house:

and was in perfect position to catch the gigantic stuffed tiger Christian threw to her.

Mom-Mom, Molls, Catherine and some of our friends watched the parades with us and then joined us afterwards for delicious jambalaya courtesy of AJ. Mom had the best time at the parades. She hasn't admitted to having fun at a parade in years but she enjoyed herself tonight. It all began with the scatalogically themed Chaos - "Chaos Breaks Wind". I think I actually saw her jump to grab the whoopie cushion that was thrown to her. I also think she enjoyed the mad-dash for beads when Pop, Richmond, and Christian's float passed by and they bombed us. I have tried to get her to join me for Muses for years and tonight I think she realized why I think it is such a great parade. She was awed by the crazy light-up shoes and the butterflies, the inappropriately-themed bands of roving women and the girl-power. The throws were entertaining too - comic books, stuffed monkeys, plush spears (what took them so long to invent those?), high-heel charms attached to candy necklaces (of course a woman would come up with this throw), and the list goes on. The highlight of Muses was the Elvi on mopeds, five rows deep and my girl snagged a gross like it was nobody's business.

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TOITA said...

PLEASE tell me that you have pictures of Cathie at a Mardi Gras Parade!!! I want to see that and will pick on her for ever!! I KNEW she would have fun if she let herself throw into Mardi Gras least for a while! hahahaha! I`m glad..and yesterday I thought about you all at Muses..I kind of agree with you..Who can forgive that gigantic heel...GIRL POWER!!

Take Care and have some mure Mardi Gras fun!!