Sunday, August 19, 2007

Aren't You Bursting With Butterflies

At least while volleyball is in season I will be leaving work early on Fridays to pick up La Luz from ASH. It means one less day of having a babysitter in the afternoon and a great opportunity to force myself to leave the office and enjoy life a little bit. Fridays afternoons are a logical choice because they tend to be a bit relaxed. In a great example of how 'life is what happens while you are making other plans' last Friday was totally chaotic for me. It was almost impossible to extricate myself from my desk in time to pick up La Luz from daycare and it set the tone for the remainder of the weekend.

It was bustling, but as I sit here now it isn't clear exactly what I accomplished. We did some of this, some of that, and the combination of those things sort of wiped me out. Here's a random sampling:

We picked up some rocks from the Cottage Living rock garden (don't worry, returning them the next day and selecting a new crop is part of the game):

Kept cool by standing over the air vents:

and played ball in the house (totally excusable when the temps are in the 90's):

I guess I am sort of anxious about the start of school tomorrow. If La Luz hasn't picked up my anxiety about it yet I would be shocked. It is silly and not unlike the same emotions any parent has about sending their child off to school - the first time when they are little and probably also, and maybe even more significantly, when they go away to college. The worries are universal and the preoccupations not unique in the slightest. I try to forget about them but it is useless. The result is that I speak to La Luz about the school incessantly and do so with the worst, most transparent cheer. I know that it will take some getting used to for La Luz, that there will likely be a few rough days in the beginning. I also know, though, that I will blink and the year will be over. In a few brief moments there will be a routine and a familiarity about all of this. Soon I won't think twice about whether her new uniform collar will scratch her neck, or if she will be eating her lunch alone, with no one there to point out how delicious cheese and turkey taste when paired together.

I will probably close my eyes and take a deep breath and when I open them again I will wonder where all of the time went.

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NOLAcathie said...

Happy first day at LITTLE HEARTS Lucy bug!

There are countless family footsteps left behind at Sacred Heart to guide you, though I'm sure you'll create your own unique path.

As for me, I'm the lucky one...a delay in my teaching orientation gives me one more week of lucy in the afternoons!