Sunday, August 26, 2007

The First Five Times

The new game at mom and pop's house involves hiding under La Luz's blow-up swimming pool. There are many variations, but the most widely played version involves La Luz hiding out under the pool with someone while someone else (somehow it always ends up being me) roams around the house pretending like they have no clue where La Luz went and announcing to nobody in particular where they will look to find her. Is she in the closet? No. Did she hide behind the toilet? Nope. Maybe she is under the sofa? Think again friend. Aha, underneath the dining room table, of course! Aw, so close. Finally, when she can't stand the anticipation any longer, and whoever is with her is covered in sweat after being trapped under the pool for the past five minutes, she kicks the pool away and screams with joy. It is such a lame game. I was able to tolerate it the first few times because I love to hear her laugh, but I can listen to her laugh by tickling her and that is much less labor-intensive.

The weekend was lovely. It was not particularly eventful, but just right. Richmond was in town after spending the past few months kayaking in the San Juan's. It was nice to visit with him and hear a bit about his summer. He picked up the tiniest, most adorable fleece for La Luz at the Patagonia outlet and I can't wait for the cold weather so she can test it out. Since Richmond was in town we got the benefit of two delicious dinners at mom and pop's house.

Christian built an igloo/tent that we got for La Luz earlier this summer at Ikea. She flipped out when she saw it set up in room, but for some reason she thinks it is a dog house and keeps asking to 'go play in the doghouse'.

Today was grey and rainy. It was totally relaxing and set the mood for a very peaceful day. I actually feel well-rested and ready for the week for a change.

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TOITA said...

Heyy! I can totally see you walking around the house..hehehe...I`m glad to "read" that Richomnd is back and safe..I imagine that he has the most amazing pictures!! Oooh I wish I could take a couple of months off and go to a nice place!!!...Well my friend, have a nice Monday....we`ll keep in touch!

Love and miss you...