Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Power Of New Shoes

It was the first of many long days for La Luz. She stayed at Ashfin a full day and was met at the house by Carlee who babysat for her all afternoon and then tonight while Christian and I went to Parents' Night at ASH. After visiting La Luz's room and meeting her teachers and the other parents I feel much more confident about sending her to 'school' at such a young age. I think she is going to love it and I know she will be well cared for.

Christian and I did not get home until 8. I was thrilled when I arrived and discovered that Carlee had already bathed La Luz and that she was ready for bed. A good mom would have scopped up La Luz and gone straight up to read a story. Instead, I let her open her present from the Moores (the Dora slippers featured below) and proceeded to watch her become completely and totally nutzo-hyperactive. She was literally bouncing off of walls and throwing herself on top of furniture. It was too entertaining to put a stop to it.


TOITA said...

Nioce slippers Lucy girl!! hahah! Hope you have an excelent day at your new school and have fun!!
And you Jules, believe me, you are such a good mom! stop worrying and enjoy her all you can!!

take care you all


Scarlet said...

Yeah! She likes them! I knew she would - they're just like Maddie's!