Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Please Don't Wake Me Now

There are going to be a few long days for La Luz between now and the end of the volleyball season in mid-November. Today was one of those days. I made the rookie mistake of bombarding La Luz with way too much information for a half-asleep toddler before leaving the house this morning, and I guess it sort of set the tone for the day:

"Here's your lunchbox. This is how it opens. Take a look at what is inside, delicious, yes? This is your drink. Someone will help you open it. You will eat it in a cafeteria today and nobody will be there to feed you. You will probably stare off into space, or at the person sitting next to you, or maybe you will talk to your food. After lunch you will take a nap on a napmat. It has your name on it, look. It also has a bunny stuffed inside of it so you have something to hold on to. You have never slept on a mat before but I promise you will think it is fun. Kelsea will pick you up today. Kelsea will bring snacks and drinks and will let you do whatever you want to do within reason. She will take you to the volleyball game. After you watch volleyball I will pick you up and you will, finally, go home with me."

After I finished with the instructions I told her to get her shoes on, that we were running late. La Luz asked for 5 more minutes to play and when I said no she swatted at me and burst into tears and put herself in 'time out'. She walked a Bataan Death March type of walk into the corner of the den, an empty area of the room, and proceeded to sit on the floor, quietly. This was particularly interesting to me because we have never had to put La Luz in 'time out' and don't even have a designated 'time out' zone in the house. I am not even really sure how 'time out' is supposed to be used because it wasn't ever a punishment inflicted on me as a child. We had to 'write lines', don't ask. At any rate, she was contrite and, I think, believes in the purpose of a little time out now and then. I can't wait to find out what she did to merit a time out at school.

Here she is enjoying a few minutes of play time earlier tonight:

and getting ready to crash with Christian:

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TOITA said...

Sorry! but now I NEED to know what "write lines" means!! hahahaha! For some reason is hard for me to picture mom-mom in a serious mother tone making you all do that!! I will be waiting!! hehe!

Take care you all....