Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Dinner At GG's

This evening GG, Papa George, and Henry came to the rescue. They fixed a delicious dinner of grillades and mashed potatos. There is no place I would rather eat grillades than at GGs. She is a master grillades chef and I know that Christian will be sorry he missed out since it ranks as one of his all time favorite meals in the city. La Luz ate more dinner tonight than I have seen her eat in weeks, so I think she is hooked too.

La Luz had a great time playing with all of her toys at GG's house. She particularly enjoyed wearing the plastic, be-jeweled crown. I didn't have my camera with me tonight and by the time I decided to take a picture with my phone she had removed it, but I managed to capture her playing with some of the other toys.

Here is a recent video of La Luz that I took with my phone. I am still not clear on how to upload a video to the blog, so please do not be surprised if you experience technical difficulties while trying to watch it. The video is nothing special, just a little bit of La Luz - the first video taken with my camera. I finally broke down and did it because Molly has been begging me for 2 years.


lindavaicius said...

Thank you Molly for insisting on seeing a video of Lucy.I have never heard her voice before and it was awesome!

TOITA said...

Yeeaahhhh! Thank`s Molls!!! She finally did it!!! Thanks!! I loved it!! I need some "hi Toi" call with that sweet voice!! keep up with the good work Jules!! hahahaha!


Kitty Brown said...

I'm impressed that you know how to do that -- if our life here in B'ham ever becomes "blog-worthy," I'll have to get some technical advice from you!

Robincita said...

Hey Julie!

I agree with my Mum.....seeing a video makes it so much more pleasurable for those of us that haven't had the chance to share in her life. Hearing her voice and her laugh was amazing!

nana said...

I didn't watch this video until today and I got the laughter i wanted, thank you Julie. I can replay this instead of opening a bottle. Love and miss you all.