Sunday, August 05, 2007

Just Smile All The Time

Friday night we had dinner at Galatoires to celebrate Josh's birthday. He and Erika were in town for a show late last week and to hang out for the weekend. It was really nice to finally meet Erika in person. She is precious and sweet and totally charming. La Luz was, as usual, a little stand-offish at first but by the end of the day today she was sad to see them go back to Chicago. She will particularly miss playing with Erika's orange suitcase, something she became particularly intrigued by and will not stop talking about.

The weekend was busy but very nice, with the exception of a trip to the doctor on Saturday morning to find out why La Luz was experiencing perpetual nosebleeds (after-effects of a sinus infection related to the fever virus last weekend). She is fine though, clean bill of health, and she is back to her normal, energetic self.

I spent hours this weekend gathering up toys that are likely include in the massive Fisher Price/Mattel recall. Needless to say, La Luz was very confused when she started looking for some of her favorite figurines in the usual hiding places and they were not to be found.

The remainder of the weekend consisted of me playing the overly-enthusiastic 'mom who has 101 ways to make you forget that your dad, your favorite person, is busy hanging out in Costa Rica and will not be home for another week' game. It is a tough game to play for any extended period of time. It is made all the more difficult by the fact that Loki is also depressed and La Luz is a stubborn toddler who really doesn't understand that it is just not possible for me to take her to Costa Rica "after her nap".

So, here she is doing her best to cheer Loki up:

and looking out of the window, 'waiting for daddy'

and watching the Saints game, without Christian:

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