Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why We Got Here And How We Ended Up

Two years ago when it seemed like it might not be possible to ever return to New Orleans, Christian, La Luz and I were bolstered by the support of friends and family. We would not have made it back here without your love and support. Thanks to everyone who understood why it was so important for us to get back to New Orleans and stood by us to make it possible. There is no question that we would not be here today without your contributions. We continue to be humbled by how you rallied behind and along side of us. We only wish we were able to provide a proper 'thanks'.

I still cringe when I look at the pictures and I sometimes have to turn my head and cover my ears when I hear people talk about Katrina. I know that we are lucky, that we have so much to be thankful for, that our struggles are not of consequence. But yet I am still waiting for a time when my memories of Katrina and the subsequent fallout will be of no moment, when I will shrug my shoulders and say, "yes, I remember that time". Maybe next year, and then again, maybe never.


TOITA said...

My still make me sad and tears in my eyes to see all this and think about those days when all I could think of was you all, and pray for you to be safe away from katrina...Now it`s time to think about the future and do what is in your power to help others..You know you have my support and will be there for you all, even if miles are between us..

Love you and miss you!!


Anonymous said...

Your spirit has been an inspiration to us all! Hang in there. We're proud of you.

Papa T and Nana

Anonymous said...

something good to thimk about, you all got out safely, some people lost their lives.

Anonymous said...

Yes, many people lost their lives, in the corporeal sense, and that, we all agree, is horrible. But every person in New Orleans lost some portion of their life, in the sense of community, jobs, homes, etc. And lest you worry, Captain Obvious, we are all well aware of how lucky we are.