Thursday, August 02, 2007

We Are Hope Despite The Times

I was feeling all jazzed up about the start of the Phoenix recycling program this month until I got a forwarded email detailing how it is actually going to cause more pollution to recycle because the recycled goods have to be trucked to Baton Rouge. Apparently, the New Orleans recycling facility is still not up and running and there are no plans in the works to have it running in 2007. We won't get a city-wide recycling program until it is obvious that there is a need and enough participation (among other things) so I feel stuck in a sort of catch 22. At the end of the day I will participate in the Phoenix program simply because it pains me to throw away things that are recyclable. Maybe if I do a carbon offset as well I will break even, but then I really won't have any money for frivolous living. I suppose the no-frivolous-living bit is part and parcel of a truly 'green' lifestyle anyway.

La Luz is still not back to her normal, congenial self. She barely napped at all and woke up screaming, complaining that her head hurt, and running a fever. I hope it is just a bad, long, virus and not the after-effects of chewing on her leaded Dora The Explorer figurines for the past, oh, 2.2 years. It is impossible to separate the questionably tainted Dora products from the probably safe ones, so I think I will have to do a massive purge over the weekend and just throw everything in the trash. This will break her heart, as she continues to be totally attached to the Dora and Boots figurines. In fact, she has three of each, which is why I can't tell which ones are recalled and must throw them all away.

La Luz is still bummed out about the fact that Christian is nowhere in sight. She has had some good distractions though - her Uncle Josh is in town and he is pulling out all the stops to endear himself to her. It is much like trying to charm a brick wall.

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