Thursday, August 09, 2007

Eyes Locked And Shining

I spent the morning with La Luz and, as usual, it was much more fun than a morning in the office. We had breakfast at P.J.'s, ran a few errands, visited her new school, and went to the doctor for her very late, two-year old checkup.

Christian and I decided, somewhat on a lark, that it would be a good idea to move La Luz from the daycare into the toddler program. She will be the youngest in her toddler group and, I guess, the youngest ASH student for the 2007-2008 year. The alternative is to keep her in daycare for another year where she will be the oldest. There are advantages and disadvantages on both sides, but we ultimately decided it makes sense to have her somewhere with a bit more structure, in a 'school-like' environment. Most of my reservations were assuaged during our tour of the school this morning. La Luz's jaw dropped when she saw the library - all spacious and light and airy, filled with books and posters and stuffed animals and quiet corners and comfy chairs. She will be very comfortable. Now, getting uniforms and supplies and orchestrating schedules and crunching numbers, all before school starts in a little over a week, will be a bit of a trick.

La Luz's checkup went well too. She is still in the 25th percentile for weight and height and 90th for head circumference. The doctor said that it probably won't change much, that she will probably always have a big head. It is like an orange and a toothpick.

I felt sort of nostalgic walking out of there today, after the doctor told us bye and said she would not need to see us for another year. I suppose that means La Luz is not a baby anymore. She is just one more step closer to being a kid. It makes my heart ache a little, and it makes my breath catch, and I feel that part of me that wants to make sure I remember every detail of every moment when she is still like this - all soft, chubby hands and clear-voiced and pure love. I enjoy every day with her more than the last, but yet I don't want her to grow up. I suppose this is just one of those things about being a mom.


Christian said...

Hey Pal,
Almost finished here in Costa Rica. Today the beach was amazing. There was a 2meter sized sea turtle right next to me body surfing waves. Then on my way back to the cabina about 40 white faced monkeys threw some sort of fruit at me. Not their shit. Def a fruit. I miss you guys and I loved todays post. I will see you on Saturday night.

christian said...

Hey Pal,
Is the dog a Dora replacement?

TOITA said...

Hey you all!! Jules I loved your post today! I could even feel some of what you went thorugh and I am not even a Mom!! hahah!
Christian, no fair dude! Here I have a lousy rainny cold day and you are playing with turtles at the beach?!?! Lucky you!!! Hope you have a safe trip back home!! Take care you guys!

Love and miss you