Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Spinning Some Of Your Favorite Songs

The August mix is in and it does not disappoint. It could not have come at a better time as it seems I will be spending a large amount of time in the car for work over the next few weeks.

1. Open Heart Surgery - Brian Jonestown Massacre
2. Now Now - St. Vincent
3. Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs
4. She Doesn't Love Me - The Aliens
5. Weekends Away - Math and Physics Club
6. Is It Like Today - World Party
7. Car Crash - Josh Rouse
8. 10:20 - Spoon
9. Where Do I Begin - Chemical Brothers and Beth Orton
10. The National Side - Romantica
11. Why Not Me - Locksley
12. Rollercoaster - M. Ward
13. Maybe Sparrow - Neko Case
14. Bone - Map Of Africa
15. The Black and The White - The Alternate Routes
16. Easier - Grizzly Bear
17. Three Times and You Lose - Travis
18. Ideology - Billy Bragg
19. Burnt - The Futureheads
20. The Book I Write - Spoon

I am really into Spoon these days, especially the new stuff, so the Spoon tracks are at the top of my 'favorites' list as far as the mix goes. I have been fascinated by Brian Jonestown Massacre ever since we watched, Dig and I always enjoy their songs. I will always have a soft spot for anything Beth Orton has her hand in, M. Ward songs, and Travis (much in the same way I will always enjoy Coldplay). Some surprises - St. Vincent, because she has a beautiful voice and is very reminiscent of Kate Bush with a modern twist; Math & Science Club - spot on, either Christian knows me very well or I am just too predictable in my love for sing-songy tracks with sweet harmonies.

The Alien track is interesting, definitely pretty in that big, far-reaching, 'got a story to tell' sort of way, like The Band. The Josh Rouse song is sort of silly and, after a little investigating, I think I understand why Christian included it. Overall, it is a great mix and I am looking forward to many hours of listening pleasure.

La Luz did not have school today and it just worked out that mom is not starting work until the end of next week, so they spent the day together. La Luz got to run errands with mom and AJ followed by lunch at Picadilly. I was jealous of the running errands part (for some odd reason I used to love to do that as a kid, especially when my aunts and various cousins were along for the ride) and Christian was jealous of the Picadilly part, because nothing tastes better than mashed potatoes and gravy. The combination must've been right because she was in an excellent mood this evening.

Here are a few pictures we took in the kitchen before dinner.

Does she look more like me or more like Christian?


TOITA said...

well, what can I say...I see "Babe" in Lucy`s face, but also some of Christian....If you go back and see some pictures of you as a kid..mmmm you might find some of it in Lucy`s....I guess she is the perfect mix!! hahahahaha!
Tell Christian to look for a group called EPICA..I kind of like it and it is a very odd and interesting combination...

Take care you all


lindavaicius said...

I think she looks like both of you. Julie, she has your eyes and hair, and she has christian's nose and lips and you are all just so cute!

Love & miss you,
Aunt Linda,

lindavaicius said...

I need to make a correction in my comment. I was tired last night when I made a comment on who Lucy looks like. I said that she has Julie's color hair, wrong! I now see that she has more chris's color hair. However, she still has Julie's Brown eye's.