Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Brief Update

I just got home after a few hours in the hospital with Molls. Wow, what a difference from the girl I left behind this morning at 6:30. When mom arrived she said her goal for the day was to wake her up and boy did she wake her up. I am so proud of Molly. She weaned herself off of the dilauded and the composine and she no longer has an iv. She is taking Tylenol, yes, Tylenol for pain. I can't believe it. Tylenol does not even get rid of my 5 p.m., work-stress headache! I think being off of the heavy pain meds makes all the difference in the world because Molly and I talked and laughed and gossiped like we would have on any other day. She even made me watch this show she likes, Veronica Mars, and then gossip about the Golden Globes. I can't get enough of discussing the Golden Globes - how great Reese Witherspoon looked, how odd Angelina looked and how Sacha Baren Cohen is actually kinda' hot. I know that I shouldn't get excited about anything because I have been let-down so much these past few days but I think Molls might be home tomorrow night. I can't wait.

No pics of La Luz today as I wasn't around her but for a few quick minutes this morning when I got home from the hospital. She spent the afternoon and evening with AJ and was, from what I have heard, on her best behavior...of course she was in the lap of toddler luxury, but still. I don't know how I would do it without all the love and support of friends and family.

I am off to Franklinton in the morning for work and I think I might be driving in sleet or snow. Hmmm, should be interesting. I will just be looking forward to getting back to New Orleans and, hopefully, to a visit with Molly at home!

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