Monday, January 22, 2007

More Of The Stuff That Heals You

Today La Luz spent the afternoon with AJ and, as a result of her incessant, disgusting cough, found herself at the pediatrician's office. Apparently La Luz has a sinus infection and so, once again, she is on amoxicillin. It seemed to work last time she had it and I guess I can't complain, she hasn't been sick since November, or maybe it was early December. I don't remember but considering the germs traded back and forth at daycare, I would say that she is due.

She is generally in a decent mood but I can tell she is not 100%. She is a bit crabby, doesn't have much of an appetite, and is experiencing I guess what is the toddler equivalent of attention deficit disorder. She got half-way through taking the clothes off of her baby doll and gave up when it became too taxing. Here's what she left behind:

I am just hoping that the medicine will allow her (and me) to sleep through the night. I think we both need the rest.

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