Friday, January 05, 2007

Testing My Faith

The story about the New Orleans husband and wife gunned down during a home invasion in front of their two-year old breaks my heart. You can read the story, the headline in the Times Picayune this morning, at
It is not, by any means, the only sad story (I felt ill after I learned about the brutal murder of the drummer from the Hot 8) but it struck a nerve becuase they are like me, I imagine. By all accounts these guys are precisely the sort of people that we need in the city right now and then this...It makes my heart heavy and my body want to curl up into the fetal position for days while somebody makes the sadness go away. Somebody with more smarts and skill than me please fix the problem with the crime in this city because, yet again, I am reminded that maybe this isn't the best place for us after all.


NolaMom said...

Totally agree. We closed on a house this afternoon, right after I read the horrible stories and it truly made me think twice about living in the city. So sad b/c am such a NOLA girl. Makes me MAD that there is even a doubt in my mind about living here rather than Covington or Baton Rouge. There has got to be a solution and I wish someone would tell us what it is.

Scarlet said...

Aunt Julie - please be careful. You know I am always worried sick about my dear friends in NOLA. The murder is absolutely sickening - and, as you said, of people who need to be in the city right now. NOLA is in my constant thoughts and prayers!