Monday, January 08, 2007

Making Monday Even More Difficult

As if I don't have enough trouble waking up and then making it through Monday, I upped the ante last night when I decided to go to the Prytania for the 10 p.m. showing of The Holiday with Molly. It was entertaining and sweet and sad and exactly what I expected - a nice escape from reality. I really don't like Cameron Diaz though. I wish I could figure out why she bothers me. And really maybe it doesn't have anything to do with her personally, just the characters she plays, she annoys me on screen. I feel neither here nor there about her off-screen. There is something about her in the movies that gets under my skin and irks me. She was good in the movie, same with everyone else. I want to hate Jude Law but he is too hot. Jack Black always makes me laugh and I love Kate Winslet.

In a grim and somewhat embarrasing reminder of the city we live in I made up an escape plan which I detailed to Molly before the start of the movie on the off chance that some fifteen year olds with semi-automatic weapons decided to hold up all ten people at the Prytrania - we would use the side door and not bother with gathering our belongings. Luckily we didn't have any problems. How pathetic that I would even be preoccupied with such thoughts. This is the city we live in though, right?

I was reassured by the rally/meeting at Sound Cafe and the plans for a march down Canal Street to City Hall on Thursday. I think it is an important show of our complete desperation and our lack of faith in our leadership. I guess the residents of New Orleans have to add one more thing to the never-ending 'to do' list : flooded house, march to City Hall... Maybe citizen action is the only thing left that can fix the problem. It is just frustrating that the citizens of New Orleans are all running on reserves - physically and mentally - at this point. How much can people be expected to take? How many 'calls to action' can people respond to?

Maybe La Luz has it right, maybe just a few minutes in the Elmo chair is all it takes to make things right. Here's a little something sweet so that we can all get some sleep and not forget that we have lives to live:

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