Monday, January 15, 2007

So, Don't Mind If I Fall Apart

On Friday my precious baby sister had surgery to remove a gigantic (15 lbs.) tumor from her left ovary that her doctor in New York discovered only a few days after Christmas. Although all of the preoperative tests came back normal and although we were incredibly optimistic going into the surgery, after the doctors removed the tumor and ran some tests they discovered that it was malignant. Though we initially belived they would only remove one ovary, the doctors removed everything. They also took samples from her tissue and will biopsy it. We will not get the results until later in the week. It was devastating news and the weekend has been tough but if there is one thing that my baby sis is, it is tenacious. She is 100% focused on getting better, getting home, and getting back to NYC, the city she loves. In the meantime, I am using her strength and determination as a source of my courage. That, combined with the love and support of our friends and family, makes getting through these tough days possible.

For all of the 26 years that she has been alive I have treated Molly as not just my sister, but my baby. I was convinced when she was born and I was all of 7 years old, that she was mine to keep and have acted that way ever since. Here's a picture of us circa late 1981 or early 1982. I don't think I ever put her down until she became to big for me to carry:

There is something unique about the bond between sisters and there is something extra-special about being a big sister because you take on the role of mother/protector/guardian in addition to best friend. But I think there is something extra-special about being a little sister too because you are forced to assert your strength and independence and Molly has certainly done that.

Please keep Molly in your prayers over the next few days because there is no such thing as too much love.

La Luz, yet again, did a great job of living up to her name this weekend. When I was completely inconsolable and good for nothing but sadness, she reminded me that it is no way to live. She also learned a new phrase today, "Buddha Belly"...Pop's contribution to her ever-expanding vocabulary that he felt the need to teach her during his first solo stint as babysitter this morning (incidentally, he did a great job). Admittedly, when I heard her say it was one of only a few times that I laughed this weekend (Molly might disagree...she got angry whenever mom and I would make her laugh because it made her stitches ache) so I appreciated it.

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TOITA said...

Hey Jules!!! I know this is a hard time but I am sure WE all get through this...I cried on Saturday when I hanged up with your mom..After all I feel she is a sort of little sister to me too...I wish I could be there with you all...Please let me know if there is anything I can do..I`ll get the first plane down there...really...
But I am sure Molls will beat this...if I know her a little...I am sure she will recover 100% and will come up with some sarcastic joke about the whole thing....My prayers and thoughts are with you all every day..I know that specially you must be having a hard let me know if you want a "spanish call" any time...I wopuld LOVE to talk to you...and tell you that Manuel (Sofi`s baby boy) was borned on Friday!!