Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sometimes There's Nothing To Hold On To

I only have time for a quick post tonight as I am about to pick up Molls and head to Canal Place for the exclusive New Orleans showing of Air Guitar Nation. I figured since Molly was the stage manager for a play/musical in NYC last year called Air Guitar this would be right up her alley and I am always up for a movie (or strangely-themed documentary, whichever).

La Luz is still a bit on the grouchy side. I am starting to wonder if maybe the attitude is not related to her cold but rather to her age. She is not so much grouchy as she is obstinate. She insists on watching Dora every night and whines about wanting bun-bun (and we have worked very hard to make sure that bun-bun stays in her bed). It is so much easier to capitulate but I know I need to fight the good fight now or suffer more extreme consequences later. So, in an exercise of amazing patience on my part this evening, I indulged La Luz and allowed her to take five minutes selecting the perfect bath toys. It such a frustrating procedure. An animal or doll is selected and firmly grasped only to be discarded moments later when something shinier catches her eye but then reclaimed once reason takes over. This can go on and on and on and on. Here she is with the ones that made the cut tonight...a little mix of old and new...monkey has been a strong favorite since the summer and tiny Dora (not to be confused with little Dora or big Dora or Dora dolly) is a newer addition (Three King's Day gift from Christian) :

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TOITA said...

Hey Jules!!
hahah! I can picture your isnide while the process goes on and on...hahahaha!! I always tend to think that we did the same tou our parents when we were kids, so I count to 100 if necessary!! hahaha!
Take Care and I`ll see you soon!!!