Sunday, October 08, 2006

And The Moon Rose Over An Open Field

This past weekend was filled with excitement for La Luz and might just take a few days worth of posting to properly report, but I can't get started without shouting a big HOORAY for mom-mom's birthday tomorrow. Back on October 9th in 1948 a beautiful baby girl was born and but for that day La Luz wouldn't even be here. Here she is probably close to that day sitting on the steps with G.G. who looks like she is in absolute awe of the wonder she wrought, exactly the way I imagine mom felt holding me and I feel holding La Luz:

Kisses and hugs for you and all of our love as we celebrate the day that you came into this world.

Friday night was almost as uneventful as I anticipated it would be. La Luz and I moped around wishing that Christian was not spending the night coaching until we discovered the gigantic harvest moon looming over the end of Camp Street. La Luz is fascinated by the moon right now and seeing it so enormous and so surreal, floating at the end of the block, silenced her. All she could do was point, slack jawed, arms akimbo.

Saturday was a bit more exciting. We spent the morning outside enjoying the beautiful weather and even went to the volleyball tournament with Jane. On Saturday night mom made a delicious dinner for everyone since Uncle Josh and Uncle Richomnd were in town. Before dinner we took a few spins around the park and then played in the front yard with Uncle Josh. La Luz showed off all of her new tricks : looking for mushrooms on the front lawn, dive-bombing, calling for Milo, and climbing up and down the steps way too many times.

Precious baby Edward was baptised on Sunday so La Luz got to spend most of the morning with her extended family and loved every minute of it. She and Edward are already starting to play together:

GG made grillades and grits, one of my favorites and apparently one of La Luz's favorites as well. After a long nap La Luz, Christian, and I headed over to city park where we met up with Mike, Kelli, and the kids for the the sunset concert series and it was a beautiful end to a lovely weekend:


Anonymous said...

Having been away from all the family activity this weekend, I couldn't wait til this post. It is so beautiful!!! Such a lovely birthday tribute to your mom and all generations of Banos Vaicius & Rinehart (I hope I haven't forgotten anyone).
Thank you. It was a very special weekend. Love M

Anonymous said...
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Mom said...

Who could ask for anything more?

The blessing of all of my family fills me with overwhelming gratitude. And, I can swear that no one could be more "in awe of the wonder that has been wrought" than this grandmother.
Lucy embodies all that's right with the world and is a gift beyond compare.
Thank you for a magnificent birthday wish.