Thursday, October 05, 2006

She's My Best Friend and More

The highlight of La Luz's day was when Kelsea babysat for her this afternoon. She had the time of her life, as usual. Unfortunately she would not cooperte for a picture. Other than an afternoon of fun with Kelsea and a raging case of diaper rash, there is not much to report with respect to her day.

However, in other exciting news, La Luz's Aunt Molly sent a link to the web site for Hell House, the show that she is working on, and it looks incredible. I have to say, just checking out the web site scared me so I am not sure I would even be able to handle it live and in person. It is hard to conceptualize how the show works but from what I gather it is quite a production. Take a look for yourself by clicking on the link to the left, unless you scare easily...

The show is a pretty big deal and there is a nice review in the Observer but I can't get the link to come through. Maybe Molls can put a link to it in a comment so that those who are interested can check it out. I am very proud of her and so happy that she is enjoying life in NYC. I think it is impressive and, although I love to visit, I don't think I could ever live in NYC. Here's a pic that mom took of the two of us when we were there visiting last September to check out Air Guitar. Incidentally, the show was very good and the only thing scary about it was the guy that played the singer in the heavy metal band and I am pretty sure that was unintentional.

La Luz and I miss Molls way too much and we are always counting down the time until we will see her again. If she lived here in New Orleans I would probably insist that she live with us because I wouldn't want a day to go by without seeing her. Sure, she's La Luz's aunt and godmother, but she is also my best friend.

Here's a pic of Molls with La Luz in pretty much the same position they were both in for the first two weeks of La Luz's life:

So, La Luz sends a shout out to you Aunt Molls but also asks that you please come visit sometime soon. Here she is reading the literature and playing with the box that her new shoes came in:


Mom said...

A lovely and well-deserved sisterly tribute!
I'm proud of both of my daughters and as your mom, it makes me smile to know that you consider each other as best friends. May it always stay that way.

Molly said...

I can't believe you blogged about me - so sweet! Here's a link to the latest article about "Hell House" from yesterday's NY Times: