Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Weekend, Courtesy of Nana & Papa-T

Friday was a gorgeous day and with it came the arrival of Nana & Papa-T and the onset of a weekend of fun for La Luz. We all love when Nana & Papa-T come to town because it means a chance to visit and also get spoiled quite a bit. Unfortunately, Christian was busy with volleyball again (another tournament) so he did not get to see as much of his mom and dad as he would have liked. Here's a picture of La Luz playing with the new stroller that Nana and Papa-T brought her:

On Friday night La Luz and I went with Nana & Papa-T to Ignatius where we met up with mom-mom and ate a nice dinner outside enjoying the cooler weather. On Saturday we woke up early and had breakfast at Bluebird before Christian had to be at Newman for the tournament. While Papa-T did some landscaping work in the front yard (I am still not exactly sure how it ended up that he spent his day off doing maual labor) La Luz, Nana, and I ran some errands. After naptime we all went to Newman to watch Sacred Heart play Assumption for first place in the tournament. On Saturday night Christian and I went to my 15 year high-school reunion. Yea, I know, I am officially old and I think it shows these days. After the reunion Christian and Nana went to Harrah's and Nana won BIG!!!!

This morning La Luz and I were up a few hours before the rest of the gang so we walked around the neighborhood waiting for the sun to come out and stopped off at the Boulangerie for some croissants to entice everyone out of bed. We spent the rest of the morning hanging out with Nana and Papa-T until they had to hit the road around 11:30.

La Luz was not in the greatest mood today because of a new tooth coming in. To add to the bad mood, La Luz sort of moped around for the remainder of the day once Nana and Papa-T left until we went to City Park for the evening concert. Once she saw Emma and Luke she perked up and enjoyed dancing in the muddy grass.

All in all, it was a lovely weekend. It is a shame that it is already over and that I have another busy week staring me in the face. Sometimes I have that same sensation I used to have in high-school and I think that maybe if I just never go to sleep on Sunday night I can put off Monday morning a bit longer. I will let you know if it works.

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