Sunday, October 01, 2006

Payback Time

Christian had another volleyball tournament this past weekend so, once again, La Luz and I were left to our own devices. The highlight of my Friday night was a trip to Whole Foods. With the exception of spending Sunday afternoon with her friend Camille, the higlight of La Luz's Friday night and entire weekend was playing with, in, on, and around her carseat which happened to be inside. Who would have thought...

On Saturday we played with the carseat, again, walked up and down the block about 100 times (really it was like 3 but it felt like a hundred), and voted. She is getting good at this...

After voting we went to mom-mom's for lunch with Katie and her friends who were in town for the day and then to Audubon Park for a few spins around. While we were at the park we got caught up in the pandamonium surrounding a baby alligator that somehow made it into the lagoon. On Saturday night Uncle Richmond came over for dinner and to watch the awful Georgia game. La Luz had a nightmare at around 12 (it may or may not have been related to the alligator in the park incident) and I took advantage of her fear and used it as an opportunity to get her to sleep in the bed with us - a stupid idea actually. It was so much fun at first, the whole family all snuggling together in the big bed. The bliss was short-lived though. La Luz woke up around 5 and thought it was time to play. I learned my lesson.

After the night that we had Sunday started out as a very lazy day. Christian made blueberry pancakes, something he has been promising to do since my birthday. They were delicious but seem to have permanently stained La Luz. Later in the day La Luz's friend Camille came over to play while her mom and dad visited baby Betsy. La Luz enjoyed hanging out with Camille and was happy to return a favor or two. During the terrible, horrible, I hate to even bring it up, evacuation, La Luz was lucky enough to land in the lap of luxury in a nursery that was ready for the arrival of baby Camille. Here's a pic of La Luz in Camille's baby bed a few weeks after the hurricane hit and a few months before Camille's big debut:

It was nice for La Luz to have a chance to share with Camille for a change. She even let her sit in the rocking chair at one point:

Sometimes I wonder what we would have done without the overwhelming kindness from our friends and family. I don't think we have properly thanked everyone for what they have done and, frankly, doubt we will ever be able to fully show our appreciation. But, at least for today, La Luz understood that it was pay back time.

Oh yeah, we watched the parts of the Saints game that didn't interfere with nap time. It was a decent game even though they lost. Better luck next week. La Luz will be looking forward to putting on the Bush jersey again.

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