Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Decembrists Are Coming

I tried to post last night but blogger was not working properly. Instead, Christian and I watched a very exciting episode of Lost. I am really enjoying the new season and I think they are doing a great job of keeping the audience guessing.

La Luz enjoyed another lovely day yesterday and an ordinary night. Below is a pic of her ready to eat dinner. These days she lets you know when it is time to feed her. She will walk to her high chair and say "get in", then she will ask for her bib and whatever meal she thinks it is time for. She is usually pretty good with respect to figuring out when certain meals are to be had. However, last night she asked for breaky.

Today and tonight will not be ordinary, however. The Decembrists are playing at the House of Blues and they are, at least for now, Christian's favorite band. In addition to catching the show tonight, Christian enlisted to act as tour guide for the band. This afternoon prior to the soundcheck Christian is going to take the Decembrists on a tour of the areas that were hardest hit during Katrina. I am not so sure that the tour will set the mood for the sort of show that the Decembrists fans are undoubtedly looking forward to but so be it. The best news is that Christian vacuumed my car last night so he could chauffer the band in style. Gone are the cheerios, goldfish, and other odds and ends left behind by La Luz. Christian gets to hang out with his favorite band and I get a clean car. Wow.

La Luz will get to spend the evening hanging out with Kelsea. Let's hope she is on her best behavior.

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