Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More of the Games that Make Me Wince

Tonight La Luz discovered the paper thin, fragile, rickety, old, never used, glass doors that separate the kitchen from the den. I knew it was inevitable. Her new favorite game is to open them and go in the kitchen announcing to nobody in paticular that she is home and then close them and reopen them only to enter the den and greet us as if she hasn't seen us in days. Every time she pushes on the doors I picture her hand or even her entre body bursting through the glass and it makes me cringe. I guess this is only the begining of all of the things I will worry about in her life and probably one of the least troublesome ones.

Here are some pics of La Luz enjoying the new game:

I am ready for a very exciting hour of tv as tonight is the season premier of Lost. Christian and I started watching Lost when we lived in Thibodaux after the hurricane and didn't have tv. He borrowed the entire first season from one of his students and we watched it every night before bed on the tiny laptop and loved every minute of it. We were instantly hooked. I have been waiting for a long time for the start of the new season so I hope it was worth it.

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