Sunday, October 15, 2006

Ponies, PB&J, Promenades, and Pumpkins

I arrived home from my business trip late Friday night. I was exhausted from travelling but thrilled to be home and back around the gang. It was interesting because walking into the house really felt like I was entering my home, a feeling I haven't had in over a year. It was pleasant and comforting...until I entered the living room and discovered the very peculiar scene that Christian and La Luz had created earlier that night while they were supposedly playing. So here's what happens when I am not around:

I am sure there is a message for me in the positioning of the animals but I was too tired to figure it out.

On Saturday we granted Christian a much needed opportunity to sleep in and La Luz and I took Loki for a walk and to the playground on the corner. All of this happened only after a very thorough inspection of La Luz - checked all the teeth, still there; looked at her limbs for breaks and bruises, nothing to report; felt for her soft spot, oh, still there and no changes. I should have been relieved but instead I was sort of sad that they got along just fine without me and that La Luz continued to request Dadda's presence all morning. Hurt feelings aside, Saturday was a wonderful day.

La Luz had her first pony ride at Margaret's son Bo's 4th birthday party. It was as if she was born to ride a horse. She immediately settled in and grabbed the horn. I didn't even have to hold her in place. She was serious but loving every minute of it the entire time.

I guess it was a day of firsts for La Luz becuase, in addition to the pony ride, she also had her first pb&j sandwich and loved every bit of it that actually made it into her mouth and not on me.

Saturday afternoon while La Luz was napping I stopped by Jen's and spent an hour or so just holding Betsy, the dream baby. She was an absolute angel and was perfectly happy hanging out in my arms.

On Saturday night we walked down the street to Mona's for dinner. La Luz ate almost an entire plate full of hummus and, consequently, smelled like garlic for the remainder of the weekend.

This morning I woke La Luz up at 7:30 to go down to the French Quarter to meet up with baby Edward for coffee and donuts and a stroll around the french market. La Luz enjoyed her first taste of beignets and had a good time dancing to the street musicians. She also loved getting to spend a few hours with baby Edward. We were sort of bummed that the french market was lacking in produce - no pumpkins to play with - but it was a nice morning and perfect weather for strolling around. Hopefully we can make the fall french quarter trip with the babies an annual event.

Since I promised her some pumpkins and her wish is generally my command, on the way home we stopped at the pumpkin patch at Whole Foods and La Luz proceeded to engage in a whole bunch of joy-filled behavior.

When we got home we watched a bit of the Saints game. I have always been borderline ill with my supserstition and obsessive compulsive behavior so take it with a grain of salt but La Luz had the Reggie Bush jersey on and they won. I realize my 16 month old isn't the reason the Saints are winning but I promise you she will have that jersey on for the rest of the season.

Dinner at mom-mom's was a perfect way to end the weekend even if it is always tricky to extricate La Luz from mom-mom once we are there. Her eyes lit up and she practically jumped out of Christian's arms when we got there and she first saw mom-mom.

The week ahead is going to be very busy so I am sort of dreading it. Now that La Luz knows that Nana and Papa-T are coming in town next weekend she keeps asking for them so I hope Friday gets here soon!

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