Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Weekend as a Butterfly

The bulk of the weekend was spent in costume and I am sort of wondering what is going to happen tomorrow morning when La Luz wakes up and she has to put on her civilian clothing again.

On Friday night we took La Luz to Boo at the Zoo and she loved it. I even indulged her a bit and let her eat something that seemed pretty close to candy. Any child of mine should love chewy, fruity things so it was only natural that she ate the entire 4 serving bag without stopping to breathe. Boo at the Zoo is, for the most part, geared towards kids that are a bit older but being that La Luz loves to watch people and could do it all day long the entertainment for her was in the crowd. She also enjoyed the carousel and the fake trick-or-treat neighborhood. On the other hand, she jumped into my arms every time we came close to somone dressed as a monster. Whenever we saw a monster she would say "shoo, monster, go away".

A while back I sort of looked in to the idea of babies and nightmares because La Luz was having trouble sleeping. The pediatrician assured me that it was unlikely that she was having nightmares at her age. I hope she is right because between the monsters at the zoo and the house down the street there is plenty of fuel. The house is ridiculous. I have never seen such an elaborate and altogether bizzare Halloween display. Like La Luz, I am at once drawn to it but also incredibly freaked out:

Saturday started with a long and chilly run to Audubon Park. La Luz and Loki were troopers. Later on Saturday morning La Luz and I spent some time at the park on the corner and she learned yet another thing she can make baby do, go down the slide. It was good entertainment for about an hour. She also discovered that she is pretty good at climbing up the slide and hiding out in this one area of the jungle gym that I am really too big to get into. It sort of annoys me but she thinks it is hilarious.

La Luz's and I met up with Jennifer, Attie, and baby Betsy on her first outing. We couldn't really let La Luz anywhere near Betsy because of all the daycare germs but it was exciting enough that they were within a few feet of one another for the first time. Here's a picture of the most adorable cheetah around:

Before heading to Boo at the Zoo on Saturday evening, La Luz's friend Conor stopped by to show off his new walking skills and his devil costume. They enjoyed sitting on the porch and pulling on each other's costumes. Saturday night Uncle Richmond came over and we watched, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. La Luz spent the majority of the night dive-bombing Uncle Richmond and climbing on and off his lap while he tried to eat.

Sunday morning was a bit of a dissapointment. All my life I have spent every year looking forward to the weekend when we fall back. In the early part of my life I looked forward to it because it meant we were going to the French Quarter to pick out our pumpkins, the cold weather was (pretty much) here to stay, and the holiday season was starting. As I got older I grew to appreciate it simply because of the extra hour of sleep. Yea, I know, one hour, but one means so much when you are sleep-deprived. So, I was again excited about the extra hour and even daydreamed about it on Saturday thinking maybe I would sleep until 9:30 this morning. So much for daydreams. The plan backfired and somehow La Luz decided to do something totally out of character and wake up at 5:30. Yes, that means I was technically up at 4:30. Disgusting. To add insult to injury, since the sun came up early La Luz was begging to go outside from about 6:15 until we actually did go to the playground around 8:00. It was a painful morning for me and not for Christian who, incidentally, slept late both mornings this weekend. Sitting here now I am glad that I captured that extra hour of time with La Luz instead of sleeping. I always complain about how little time I get to spend with her so I should be thankful. Here's what I got to enjoy:

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LOVE "the dress!" It is too cute on her!