Tuesday, October 24, 2006

When Left to Our Own Devices

So, tonight Christian is under the weather. I know he must really feel bad because he went to sleep at 7:30 and he is a night owl. Unfortunately, we are incredibly unprepared for illness in this house. Occasionally you can find some baby tylenol lying around the house but that is about it. No cold medicine, no orange juice. Christian had to make do with a few Advil (probably from the prior owners) and some juice (probably Lucy's). If it's a cold there is not much you can do for it anyway, right?

Since Christian went to sleep Loki, La Luz, and I were by ourselves. I always forget how tricky it is to feed, entertain, and bathe La Luz without the extra set of hands Christian provides until I am alone. It is, for sure, a team effort. The worst part of the night was when La Luz found the cookies and then started freaking out when Loki was chasing her around the house. Here's a small sampling of what happens when we are left alone:

We got through it somehow. I even managed to bake a chicken so that we can have a proper dinner tomorrow night. At least I think I did. It is in the oven right now and I just checked with mom and I seem to be doing it right. I guess we will see.

Oh yeah, and the heat thing...it is on and seems to be working. I suppose feeling bad was just enough incentive for Christian to turn it on. Go figure.

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TOI said...

Ha!ha!ha! I guess the proud father should be enjoying this....good for anyone`s ego!!
Hey family!! I see my "sobrina" is doing fine, feeding herself and Loki!! hahaha! I can`t wait to see you all and play with La Luz and Loki...Miss you tons!