Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So Hard to Say Goodbye

We spent most of the morning and a big chunk of the night playing with toys that La Luz outgrew months ago. Sure, it is our fault for keeping them around, but I really didn't think she would be enitced by the old swing and jumpy-play chair/activity station thingy. Boy was I wrong.

This morning La Luz kept insisting that I put her inside the activity station. Once I finally wrangled her rubbery legs into the too-small holes she immediately begged to be removed. The exercise of getting in and out over and over again lasted for about forty-fve minutes. It was ridiculous.

Tonight La Luz insisted on getting in the ocean aquarium swing to drink her bottle and do whatever else one does in that thing. She also instructed me to turn the lights and music on. My thinking is that if you are old enough to ask someone to cue the lights and music and you are heavy enough to stop the automatic swing from moving, it is time to put the toy away. But, I am a softie...and look how happy she was:

I feel like it would break her heart if we packed these things up. I think I will leave them out for a few more weeks even if it means I have to cross my fingers, close my eyes, and pray every time she moves in the direction of either one.

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