Monday, October 16, 2006

Part Time Mother

I am feeling really sorry for myself tonight. I got stuck at work until 7:30 and only left at that point because I knew I would miss La Luz entirely if I didn't leave the office right then. Leaving at 7:30 means I will be up late finishing what I was in the middle of (or, rather, what I thought I had finished until the bossman got his hands on it). It is silly to complain because my plight is nothing new but it really makes me want to cry. I feel like I am not even close to doing what I need to be doing at work and that La Luz is certainly getting the short end of the stick as well.

Fortunately La Luz's dad is one of the most flexible and resourceful people around. He is perfectly capable of walking the dog and taking care of the baby, whipping up a three-course meal for a toddler on a moments notice, and coming up with creative games to distract the toddler from realizing that mommy is nowhere to be found. He can pull it off without even a hint of disgruntledness. La Luz and I are lucky.

So, when I finally did get home it didn't take long for me to dry my eyes when I happened upon the latest distraction - the gigantic box that the entertainment system arrived in. He's a smart guy for sure. La Luz and I enjoyed 45 incredible minutes of time together, many of which were spent in the box.

Oh yeah, La Luz can say Halloween. I think it is really weird that she is capable of saying Halloween but I guess it shouldn't surprise me considering she can say octopus, rhinocerus, elephant, and hippopotamus.

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TOITA said...

I LOVE THIS BLOG!! And this is one of the many reasons! hahaha! I can see La Luz mother also enjoying "the box"!!! believe me..if I was there...for sure I would have been inside too!!
Guys..nice to see you all having so much fun!! I promise I will get there sooner or later..And nice for my Lucesita to enjoy horse ridding..that part must be from her Argentine Tia! hahaha!
Take care and lo ve you all!