Friday, October 27, 2006

We're Calling All Rock Stars

Last night Christian and I went to the House of Blues to see the Decembrists who are on tour for their new album The Crane Wife. The band was all set to play at Voodoo Fest last year but that didn't work out so we have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting and it was well worth it. Christian spent three hours with most of the band yesterday providing them with a tour of the hurricane destruction. It was apparent that they were appreciative when I met them before the show last night. Not only did they enjoy getting to know Chrisitian, they were deeply moved by what they witnessed and, like most people who have seen the devastation, they couldn't get over how much of the impact of the storm is lost in the media and how you really do have to see it to believe it. I thought it was sort of touching that they gave up 3 of their 12 or so hours in New Orleans driving through the flooded parts of the city.

Don't think that the somber afternoon affected the show one bit. The band absolutely rocked. Maybe it was just like every other show they have played and will play on the tour but I like to think that they gave us a little something special, figuring we could all use an escape from reality. And what a great escape it was. The hightlight for me was Engine Driver. As with most Decembrists songs, I am intrigued by the lyrics. The highlight for Christian was when they played My Mother was a Chinese Trapeze Artists. Maybe when he heard the first few notes it reminded him of those summer evenings when La Luz was a newborn and the only thing that seemed to agree with her was rocking in Christian's arms and listening to the Decembrists.

After the show we headed to one of the bars down the street and drank a round of Abitas with the band. I think we could have stayed out until the morning visiting with them but, alas, times have changed and we now have a kid and a babysitter who had to be up and ready for school at 8 this morning so we figured 1:30 was already pushing it.

I left work at noon to watch La Luz since mom-mom is in Thibodaux. Hopefully she will take a nap so that I can actually get some work done and prove that working from home might be an option. Here are a few pictures of what I am usually missing on a weekday afternoon. It is great fun.

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GLo said...

It was really cool how the bassist played the whole time!