Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Tiny Giant

I spent the morning with La Luz at the pediatrician's office for the series of shots babies are supposed to get when they are 15 months old. We were a little late - things have been busy around here though. Unfortunately, Dr. Shourbaji also recommended the first in the flu shot series and the pinprick test for hemoglobin and lead. Poor La Luz. She was in such an affable mood before the nurses started sticking here.

In addition to all the painful stuff, the doctor took La Luz's measurements and felt the soft spot. La Luz still has a prominent soft spot and we are all hoping it will go away so that we do not have to put a metal plate in her head. Is this even something they do? The pediatrician said not to be concerned until she is 2. It seems like a long time to wait what with all the rough-housing that goes on at daycare, but I am not the doctor. As far as the other stats go, La Luz is 22.6 lbs which puts her at about the 40th percentile for weight and, amazingly, measured 31 3/4 in height, which puts her at about the 90th percentile for height. Dr. Shourbaji knows that Christian and I are not tall so she re-measured La Luz specifically because she thought the intial measurement could not have been correct. At least for now, my kid is a giant.

La Luz spent the afternoon at mom-moms and didn't seem to have any problems resulting from the shots so she went to the volleyball game with Christian followed by her first Moe's pizza experience. I had to work late, again. So, the rest of the night was much like it was yesterday, more time in the box. Tonight, however, Loki wanted in on the fun:

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Jessie said...

Coming home to that face must melt all of the days frustrations and toiling away! She is so precious....I love your blog as a great way to stay informed as to all of Miss Lucy's goings on!