Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Return of Old Man Winter

Blogger has been a bit sluggish over the past 24 hours. I tried posting last night to no avail. Just in case I get kicked off before I finish the post, here is a pic of La Luz in the shirt her Aunt Molls sent her recently:

Yesterday I snuck out of work early to enjoy the coldest and most beautiful day we have had in a long time. La Luz and I went for a quick spin around the park (she had already been once with mom-mom and the aunties) and then headed to Whole Foods to pick up some dinner. It is amazing how much I can accomplish in the evenings when I leave work at a decent time.

I had on a t-shirt and shorts on saturday and then, out of nowhere, it suddenly feels like Christmas. Last night we debated turning the heat on and ultimately decided not to. I guess we both sort of realize that turning the heat on probably won't make much difference in our drafty, old house so we are sort of reluctant to bother trying. On the other hand, I worry about La Luz. What if she wakes up in the middle of the night shivering? Does that happen to babies? Will she know to cry? Will I believe her cry is sincere? To alleviate my fear I stuffed her into a 6 - 9 month sleeper with feeties and piled two blankets on top of her. She looked very uncomfortable but I think she was warm. I am sure it will be in the 80's again by the end of the weekend so I guess I don't need to worry much.

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