Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Daisy Girl

When I got home from work La Luz was running around the house in her shirt and a diaper and was, frankly, sweaty. It was hot inside of our house. According to the thermostat, it is currently 77 degrees. One house project we need to tackle is putting up screens and chipping away at the windows that are painted shut. This house was designed before air conditioning and the layout is perfect for creating good air flow with open windows so we should be taking advantage of it. Unfortunately, years of lazy painters now makes this impossible, at least for now.

Here are two pictures of La Luz helping herself to my chips and salsa earlier tonight. The most disgusting part is that she doesn't understand the concept of double dipping and why it is unacceptable.


Scarlet said...

Let that baby double dip! What a beauty!

toita said...

Ha!ha!ha! Unacceptable things for us..are just perfect for babies!! Let her enjoy them while they last!! Nice dinner though!!
Loove that t-shirt!!!