Sunday, March 04, 2007

Round, Round, Round

It was overall an uneventful and very pleasant weekend. I still managed to avoid all of the work I brought home with me. One day I will learn how to spend the three hours while La Luz is napping doing something more productive than whatever it was I did Saturday and Sunday. I think I spent the time sitting on the porch watching Loki play in the yard. I guess there is something to be said for that activity; I felt peaceful.
On Saturday La Luz and I went to the Hilton to watch one of the volleyball games. She had a great time once she got over the idea of running across the court to sit with Christian. When the game was over we went to PJs, walked around the Farmer's Market, and then spent some time in the French Quarter where La Luz tasted her first muffelatta and loved it. The weather was perfect and it was nice to see the Quarter packed with tourists.

Christian and I watched The Departed on Saturday night. I had mixed expectations going into it. It won best picture and best director at the Oscars so I figured that had to mean something, but it also seemed to be one of that genre of movies that confuses me after five minutes. It is a source of endless frustration for Christian because I am constantly asking who people are and why someone acted in a certain way. I don't necessarily think it is because I am dumb. I think it is maybe that I just don't pay close attention. At any rate, the movie was very good and it had a few twists but not enough to fully confuse me. I think I paused the movie once just for a point of clarification - not even a question. The biggest surprise for me was Leonardo DiCaprio. I couldn't even watch the preview for Blood Diamond without cringing each time he spoke with the ridiculous, fake accent. I figured he must just not be any good at acting anymore. I was wrong. He was great in the movie.

Christian watched La Luz on Sunday morning so Loki and I could run for a decent distance for a change. It was a chilly but beautiful morning so we ran to Coliseum Square and then back up Magazine. On the way back we passed a new deli on Magazine very close to Jackson called Stein's. It looks very authentic so I am curious. I will have to check it out this week. La Luz and I went to mass and she talked the entire time, loud. It was entertaining for some and annoying to others. As usual, she kept calling to the baby Jesus in the stained glass window.
Tonight we had pizza at mom-mom and pop's with Uncle Richmond and two of mom-mom's students from Costa Rica. It was a nice end to the weekend.

The remainder of the weekend was spent figuring out how to operate my totally awesome Canon printer and watching La Luz sing and dance. Her favorite song on the February 2007 mix is the third track. Fortunately, she thinks the name of the song is Jackie Baked It.

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TOITA said...

Ok..after reading about your weekend..I desperately need a Muffelatta..and a cafe au lait with beignets!! hahaha! just a N.O. shake!! really I can`t wait to see you all..and take a nice long walks around the french quarter...Good to see that La Luz is learning about the good stuff in life!!
Have a nice Monday my friend!!!