Monday, March 26, 2007

Makes You More Beautiful

One thing I love about the warmer weather is that I don't have to think about dressing La Luz in the morning because I can close my eyes, stick my hand in her closet (which is very easy, incidentally, since she doesn't have any closet doors- this was not a design choice on our part either), and pull out one of the many wonderful dresses AJ has smocked for her. It is simple and relieves me of any preoccupation with the fear that I am dressing her too much like a miniature version of me (or Christian for that matter).

So, here she is in a lovely, yellow dress, courtesy of AJ:

This evening La Luz spent about an hour in the garden picking the blooms off of the lantana or, as she refers to it, the ham and egg plant, and throwing them on the steps. It is a good thing that both of the lantana plants/bushes/whatever they are have plenty of blooms right now because I have a feeling this game will go on for a while.

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