Monday, March 12, 2007

Go Fish, Or Something Like That

I left work while it was still bright outside and it felt strange, like I was sneaking out early or something. I headed straight to Aunt Margot's because, in addition to watching La Luz this afternoon, she also prepared dinner for us and Pop. It was such a nice treat to not have to worry about dinner and the jambalaya was delicious. The bonus was that Catherine and GG both came over while we were there so La Luz got to spend time with all of her favorite people. La Luz had a blast playing at Aunt Margot's with all of the toys and couldn't wait to show me the bed she now claims as her own. One of her favorite activities was playing with the magnet, go-fish puzzle Aunt Margot got for her. Interestingly enough, in a short period of time Aunt Margot got La Luz to learn most of her colors by playing with the go fish puzzle. My jaw dropped when she identified the fish by color. That's some puzzle...

Here's a picture of La Luz from this morning right before we left the house. She is making a weird face in it but it is the only one I have and I promised mom I would try to post a picture every day while she is in South Africa.

1 comment:

toita said...

Hey! I love that face..kind of a mix between sleepy and I`m ready to play!!
I`m sure she will have a blast with Aunt Margot...Those sisters make a good team!!!
I can`t wait to be there and play all day long with La Luz...! yeaaahh!!
Ok take care my friend...and enjoy the extra hour..Here now we are missing that!!! It gets dark sooner than I want to!