Thursday, March 08, 2007

What It Was Like On The Inside Is The Same On The Outside

Today Susan and Marty had the twenty-week ultrasound of the new baby and they found out that they are having another boy. From a logistical standpoint it is great that they are having another boy for a variety of different reasons. I was kind of looking forward to sending her a bunch of La Luz's hand-me-downs if she was having a girl but I am perfectly content to shop for more boy clothes since I never get to. More important than the fact that it is a boy is the fact that he looks perfect and was apparently clapping, which stands to reason considering the musical genes from Marty's family. Thinking about the new baby clapping in utero made me think back to La Luz's ultrasound and how what stood out most about it was her button nose. In two years her profile has not changed. You have to see it to believe it:

La Luz, ultrasound in January, 2005:

La Luz, in the kitchen, March, 2007

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toita said...

hahahah! It is amazing!!!! She was already pretty while she was "inside" hahaha! Great pics!!!Now I can`t wait to see her "live" and confirm your theory!! I guess I`ll do it very soon!!
Take care and hope you have a nice and quiet week end!!