Monday, March 05, 2007

When I Get Older...

Tomorrow Papa T celebrates his birthday. In honor of the special occasion, and only because Papa T not only has no shame and appreciates a good joke but because I think it is possibly the most adorable thing I have ever seen, I am posting this picture of him with Uncle Geddy that was probably taken when they lived in South America many years ago, but not too many.

Props to Stacey for hooking me up with one of my favorite pictures and by that I mean, Papa-T get mad at Stacey, not me.

In stark contrast to the above picture I am including the following picture because I also think it is a great picture and is the perfect picture to clarify for everyone that Papa-T does not make a habit of running around in dresses, quite the contrary.

But, the sweetest picture of all, and one that I think best captures the essence of Papa-T, is this one taken just over a year ago on the day that La Luz was baptized.

Happy Birthday to Papa-T with love from us to you!

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NOLAcathie said...

Richy and I send Papa T our love and very best happy birthday wishes for today and all the years ahead.