Sunday, March 11, 2007

Oh Well, Okay

I hate daylight savings. I know I am in the minority on this one but it is true. Granted, I appreciate the longer evenings but, generally speaking, they don't do me much good at this point because I work late and La Luz goes to sleep early. I think the root of why I hate it is all tied into the loss of one hour, like the one I lost last night, when we set the clocks forward. It feels so unfair to me. I need every bit of every hour that I have to sleep. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth until I get the hour back. I never 'adjust' to it.

With the exception of losing sleep this morning it was an excellent weekend overall. On Friday night Christian and I went to a shower for some friends and Christina babysat for La Luz. Although she wasn't thrilled when we left her she had a great time and woke up Saturday morning saying "where'd Tina go?"

Saturday was a beautiful day so La Luz, Loki and I went for a run while Christian caught up on some much-needed rest. It was so nice outside that we took a mid-morning stroll to PJs and checked out some of the shops on Magazine Street. La Luz somehow conned me into buying her a hideous, plastic, toy bull at one of the stores and she played with it all weekend, $3.50 well spent.

We went to dinner with Mike and Kelli and the kids in Metairie and, since we were out there, went to Toys R Us so Christian could pick up a new Playstation controller since La Luz has pretty much destroyed his old one. We stopped off at mom-mom and pop's on the way home to tell mom-mom bye. She left this morning for South Africa and will not be back for 2 weeks. It is going to be tough on La Luz not having her sidekick around. Fortunately, AJ and Aunt Margot are going to fill-in while mom-mom is out of the country.

Christian and I watched Babel last night. I really enjoyed it though I wouldn't go so far as to say it was excellent. Christian was not impressed. I still don't really understand what the overall message was but I liked it all the same. The stories are all interesting and, though not original necessarily, they are engaging. I think the most troubling part of the movie (and I felt the same way about Crash) is stomaching the sadness. As Christian said in the middle of the movie, "[t]hese people are all having the worst day ever".

Sunday morning came too soon as I explained above. It seemed like I was rushing around whereas Sunday mornings are usually the slowest, most relaxing part of my weekend. La Luz and I went to mass and then the playground for some sliding. We spent the afternoon at Barbara and Geoffrey's party celebrating Friendship Day at Algiers Point. I had never actually been to the point for Friendship Day for the celebration but had heard good things about it. It is essentially a big block party outside of Old Point Bar. It was another beautiful day and it was a perfect way to spend the afternoon. La Luz had a blast playing t-ball and hanging out with Barbara and Geoffrey's dogs - a pug named Webster and a bloodhound named Winston (La Luz thought it was Copper from Fox and the Hound and kept calling him Copper).

After a visit at the Auntie's houses this afternoon, which resulted in tears when we finally had to go home, we spent the rest of the evening outside (okay, so I occasionally take advantage of the extra sunlight) hanging out with Pop who joined us for a delicious dinner that Christian prepared. It was a very peaceful night but La Luz was a basket case by about 7:30 since she didn't have much of a nap. I think I am going to crash soon too - try to recoup that hour that was stolen from me this morning.


toita said...

Well I don`t want to upset you even more..but here we change the time too, but I had an extra hour!! hehehehe!
I can see that La Luz and I already share our loooovvveee for goldfish!!! That`s nice!!!!!!
We all mis "mom-mom" and I guess that when she gets back, it will be my time to fly!! yeeaaahh!!


Nola Blogger said...

I love daylight savings. Wish we had the extra hour of daylight all year long.

Julie Vaicius said...

I know, like I said, I am in the minority. I am just so bitter about that hour of sleep