Thursday, March 15, 2007

When the Soothsayer Speaks

I am wildly superstitious. I walk around ladders, avoid black cats (or at least make sure to have plenty of silver to throw over my left shoulder at all times), try not to spill salt, stay away from the number thirteen, and the list goes on. Today is March 15 - the Ides of March - and I have been anxious all day. For some reason Christian wrote "Ides of March" on the calendar - what's that all about?

Thinking about the Ides of March reminded me of the essay I wrote about Julius Ceasar in 6th, or maybe 7th grade. Richmond had the pleasure of proof-reading it for me. I will never forget the sound of his uncontrollable laughter as he was reading it. I wrote that Ceasar died when, "he was assassinated by a group of angry senior citizens" instead of senators. Easy mistake - liberators for tyrannicide or little old ladies with canes and handbags - who wouldn't have been confused.

I am totally preoccupied with March madness. I have two brackets and am really sucking it up but I guess that is part of the fun. I have Florida winning it all in one bracket and Ohio State winning it all in the other. I am a little envious that Christian is going to try to get some tickets for a game tomorrow. Nevertheless, the alternative - an evening with La Luz - is always totally rewarding. Unless, like last night, she tries to show how prepared she is to be potty trained by using the bathtub as a toilet. I guess it is all part of the process but that and the new slapping trick she learned at daycare I could do without. I hope mom-mom is not reading this from South Africa or she will think I am completely incapable of rearing La Luz without her help. If you are, I promise it is a total coincidence that these two things happened in the same 24 hours.

And I promise that she is still perfect in every way.


Luis Banos III said...

I am also having more fun than I should be with my brackets- I made my picks five minutes before the deadline yesterday and have Ohio State winning the whole thing. Why is it so entertaining!?

I'm also really jealous that Christian is going to one of the games.

Hope everything is well.


Julie Vaicius said...

I know what you mean! I can't stop checking scores. It is like a ghost town around here because people are either at the game(s) or watching them on tv!