Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Jump to the Rhythm

La Luz started off the morning listening to some tunes on Christian's prized possession, his Bose headphones. There is no question that this baby loves to rock out.

I took La Luz for her 18 month checkup today (only three months late) and the doctor said she looks great. She is 25.1 lbs and 31 inches, which puts her in the 20th percentile for height and weight. She still has a soft spot though. I thought it had closed up, but it actually just moved a bit further back. The doctor said La Luz seems to be just fine, developmentally speaking, so she is really not concerned, yet. At her next checkup, when she turns 2, we will have to have a CT scan if the soft spot is still present. So, hopefully it will close up sometime in the next few months.

This evening we went to the gelato place on Oak with mom-mom. I am officially, 100% addicted to it and I figure once a week is a reasonable indulgence. Mom-mom and Pop are leaving for NYC tomorrow and will not be back until Sunday. Once again I will have to listen to La Luz ask repeatedly when she can go see mom-mom. It is going to be a long couple of days.

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toita said...

Well..I think 1 a week is perfect for gelatto..I would be much worse if I had a FREDDO near here..Thank God they are on the other side of the river!!!!
Do we still need to go and explain some things to that lawyer??? He messed with the wrong "family" hahahaha!

See you soon my friend!!