Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Noses Are Nothing Alike

Today I picked up my new glasses from St. Charles Vision and as the lady was fitting them she kind of chuckled and shrugged and said, "you don't have much space between the front of your face and the back of your ears". It isn't something I had ever thought about, measured, or heard comments about before so I didn't really know how to react. I suppose she is right. My nose is so long and pointy but yet incredibly steep. I guess maybe I have sort of a flat face. Good thing La Luz didn't inherit it.

La Luz spent the afternoon getting spoiled by AJ and this evening we had an excellent dinner with Pop at AJ and Uncle Edward's house. I have to say, we have been very well cared for in mom-mom's absence. La Luz was wired and ran around the house in circles playing with her shopping cart and various other toys. She crashed almost immediately after her bath but not without first running through the litany of things she wants to do tomorrow - go see GG, talk to Baby Edward, play with Ms. Nina, and eat macaroni. Sometimes she makes absolutely no sense but I guess that is one of the entertaining things about babies.

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Betsy Rinehart said...

Edward loved talking to Lucy yesterday evening, or rather, he loved "roaring" at her. I think he scared her a little, though! I'll have to teach him to work on his inside voice for his roaring next time!