Sunday, April 27, 2008

And The Audience Applauds, Jazz Fest 2008, Part I

Christian and I braved some of the worst weather we have had in months to spend some time at Jazz Fest yesterday with friends. It was possibly one of the stupider decisions we have ever made (and in fairness, I was the one driving the decision while Christian was kindly obliging). Needless to say, we were only out there for a few hours when they shut down most of the stages due to the weather. Just walking from stage to stage was tricky because of the mud and flooding. It was also cold (courtesy of the rain) and windy. I don't ever remember another time that I was cold at Jazz Fest and I will never forget this one.

On the positive side, there were very few lines for food and beverages and the weather made for some great people-watching. I loved the facial expressions - everything from totally miserable to absolutely over-joyed. There was a 300 lb woman in a swimming suit in front of me - the kind with the skirt that grandmas tend to wear. It made my day to see her spinning in circles, doing what she could to protect her belongings from the deluge, and belting out the words to "Moving Out". Yeah, we were watching Billy Joel (again, my choice, not Christian's). I sort of have a soft spot for him because it reminds me of my first stereo and listening to the radio for hours on end. But, I do not know his music well and I do not own any of his cds. I generally recognized most of the songs (even knew the lyrics to a few) until he played something called Zanzibar. Yea, no clue. At any rate, it was worth the inconvenience to see him perform. He was a great sport about the weather and had lovely things to say about NOLA, a place that I happen to dig a bit.

We ended the night at Slice where we were finally warm - thanks in large part to multiple glasses of red wine.

I am looking forward to some drier weather next weekend. La Luz has not missed a Jazz fest yet - even when in utero - and I promise I will not complain when I am covered in sweat.

A little lovely La Luz, snuggling with Hoppy during the rainstorm earlier today.

Happy Birthday Scarlet. My present to you was standing in the rain watching Billy Joel. I couldn't take a picture, for obvious reasons, but has some great ones so check them out.


Susan said...

Hey Julie, Zanzibar was some of Billy Joel's greatest stuff. I would have thrown myself at him 30 years ago. Now I just don't have the energy or stamina.

Susan said...

I love the black and whites of Lucy. Always.

Scarlet said...

This is the best present, ever, my dear!

TOITA said...

Hey!! I`m sorry it was not a great week end for Jazz Fest. I must say that part of me is glad, because I was misserable thinking about it and remembering our time last year!! I miss that so much!! Not a very good friend to think that i know.. :) Hope next week end you have better luck and enjoy it as you should..and have some of that stuff you made me try!! I can`t remember the names (food and drinks) but it was awesome!!


Kitty Brown said...

Did you guys make it to Alison Krauss/Robert Plant? We saw them here on Saturday night -- great show.

Christian said...

Unfortunately no we didn't. They played on Friday at 330, right when I got out of school and Lucy was in the middle of a meltdown from 330 to 400. My plan was for a quick pickup at school and a warm afternoon of Plant, but the best laid plans...
They played When the Levee Breaks and Gallows Pole by the way. What Zep songs did they play at your show?

Julie Vaicius said...

Thanks Susan!
He really was quite a performer and would have played on and on in that terrible rain. What a trooper. That said, I am still not 100% sure it was 'worth it'.
And, sorry Kitty, no Robert Plant this year.
Toita - there's always JF 2009!!

TOITA said...

Yeaahhhh!! I hope to make a trip before that, but it might work JF 2009!!!
Too bad you miss Alison Krauss..I guess Pops would have enjoyed her as well!!!

Kitty Brown said...

Christian -- sorry re the meltdown. They played When the Levee Breaks, Black Dog, Battle of Evermore, and Hey, Hey What Can I Do (or, as I call it, Streetcorner Girl). It was pretty excellent.