Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Favorite New Things

There are a few recent additions to La Luz's list of favorite things. The first is the new nightgown that Nana brought with her from Atlanta. La Luz refused to take this thing off. I had to bribe her to get her dressed and out of the house. Here she is on the front porch on Sunday afternoon, a time when most people are dressed for the day:

Another favorite is Cotton, the Scottie dog that she begged Nana to buy her at the toy store in the French Quarter. The store is called The Little Toy Shop and it is very nice. If you happen to be in the neighborhood and are in need of a present for a kid, stop in. I think they have a good mix of toys and the prices are very reasonable.

La Luz and Cotton, Royal Street:

Finally, La Luz discovered beet soup. Christian and I fight over it when Nana makes it and it generally lasts less than 24 hours when we are around. Now we have additional competition. She loves the stuff and I am amazed. I suppose she is young enough to embrace the color instead of fearing it:


Anonymous said...

I know Mema is thrilled up there in heaven seeing her great grandaughter eating Beet Soup.... Wait until Auntie Susan sees this.
Love ya

lindavaicius said...

Aunt Linda said.........

Diane, I agree, I can see the smile on mema's face. What a precious photo!

Love & miss everyone,

NOLAcathie said...

That's such a precious nightgown that I wouldn't want to get dressed either!