Monday, April 28, 2008

Expert Texpert Choking Smokers

Christian and I watched Julie Taymor's Across the Universe the other night. It is tough convincing Christian to watch a musical, so I was actually surprised when he suggested it. I was even more surprised that we both liked it. At its lowest moments it is not unlike an extended music video, but at its best it is beautiful, quirky Julie Tamor. The music is, of course, The Beatles, which is always good - even when sung by someone other than Paul or John. The storyline is entertaining and very reminiscent of Rent, but it never really felt stale. I recommend it to anyone who likes the Beatles and is not totally impatient with musicals.

From what I understand, the movie that we see is not the movie that Taymor made. She did not have final cut and that's Hollywood politics for you. That said, her essence is still very much a part of the movie. I would love to see the thirty or so minutes that didn't make the final cut because I imagine they are very interesting.

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ummmhello said...

My husband is so conflicted about this movie. He worships the Beatles (I'm an Elvis girl, myself) but at the same time, can't stand musicals. I'll let him know you gave it a thumbs up :)